Man Builds Destiny Suros Rifle Entirely From Lego

What do you do when you’ve got a lot of spare time, a huge amount of Lego pieces and love for a computer game? You recreate one of its most popular weapons in exquisite detail of course! At least, that’s what Nick Brick did, as he’s just finished up a fantastic replica of the Suros Regime exotic auto rifle from Bungies popular MMOFPS, Destiny.

This must have taken a fair amount of time to complete and no doubt a lot of searching through Lego boxes for the right parts for the job.

The gun comes complete with a removable magazine, as well as a light up ammo counter in the back, a movable trigger and a charging handle, meaning it’s completely practical to play with when you want to run around with it and make pretend gun noises.

Nick is no stranger to fantastic Lego creations and you can check out his other work on his Flickr album, such as this stunning BR55 Rifle from Halo 2 Aniversary (see below).

If you could recreate any gun from any game and had unlimited Lego (and time) to complete it, which one would you choose? I think I would have to go with the Mako Cannon from FFVII, although perhaps not on a 1:1 scale!