Magicka Developer Paradox Speaks Out Against The Use of Video Game DRM

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester thinks digital rights management (DRM) technology can be a headache, admitting his studio doesn’t want to put up roadblocks to keep gamers from purchasing new titles.

It’s a difficult decision for game developers, because they want to protect their game titles from piracy – but too many gamers don’t appreciate some of the hoops they sometimes have to jump through.

Here is what Wester said in an interview with GameSpot:

“It can punish players who actually bought the game.  I remember buying Civilization III, and I couldn’t install it because I had something else installed.  I had to uninstall two different programs, change the settings… it was a hassle.  If I had pirated it form anywhere, I would have gotten it much faster, more convenient.  So we don’t want to put barriers on convenience for the gamers.  It should be more convenient, you should get more content, it should be easier for you to install if you buy the legal copy.”

There are a growing number of video game studios speaking out against DRM, but many video games still have the restrictive software.  Ubisoft recently mentioned that it isn’t interested in rolling out DRM that will hurt legitimate players, which pirates are easily able to circumvent anyway.

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Image courtesy of Flickr