Mach Xtreme MX-LX 128GB USB3.0 Flash Drive Review

Final Thoughts


The pricing of the 128GB MX-LX is what makes this drive so prominent within the market and at a bargain bucket price of $104.25, which works out at a mere 82¢ for a single GB of storage. Over every other drive that I have seen, including the high performing P10 from Lexar, this drive has got a lot to shout about when it comes to affordability. Currently the drive is not available over in the States, but in the UK, Overclockers UK have this drive in stick and ready to ship for £62.99 or in other words 49p per GB.


With the cost of storage coming down at such the rate that it is, the prospect of having a drive with the same high-capacity as the mammoth HyperX Predator 1TB that I looked at last year in your hands in the near future for an ‘affordable’ cost is shaping up to be very plausible. For a drive such as this to not only offer up a competitive price for the amount of storage that it has, but to also offer up a fair level of performance at the same time is also very rare.

When it comes to out-and-out performance, sadly the MX-LX is not quite up there with the big guns especially on the write front, but this is solely down to the use of MLC NAND as opposed to SLC and ultimately, it is a matter of fact that getting a drive with a high-capacity for a low price, with great all round performance but in a tiny package is not going to be possible at this moment in time, but to give the guys at Mach Xtreme some appreciation where it is due, to get three out of four is not bad going at all and let this be a first for the market with a decent performing 128GB drive for sub $110 all in.

With the way things are going in the tech world, it won’t be long before there is an even bigger and better drive out there to take on the MX-LX when it comes to price per GB, but for this moment in time it is simply the case that if you want a heap of storage for a small cost then it’s a bit of a no-brainer if you was to ask me, get this and be proud that you’ve begged yourself a bargain.


  • Well established vendor
  • Massive 128GB capacity
  • Bargain price of ~82¢ / 50p per GB
  • Compact build
  • Excellent finish


  • Use of MLC NAND hinders write performance as a trade of for affordability and size.

“Over the last few years we have been seeing the price of flash-based storage drop considerably to levels that we once dreamed of. As a result drives such as the MX-LX from Mach Xtreme are now able to offer us capacities that were only once a dream, but for a price that is far more manageable. With cost everything in today’s economy, this drive is a fantastic addition to the flash drive lineup and one of the best bargains that is around at the moment.”

Mach Xtreme MX-LX 128GB USB3.0 Flash Drive

Thank you to Overclockers UK for providing this review sample.