LUXA2 P-MEGA 41600mAh World’s Largest Power Station Review

Final Thoughts


LUXA2 are a premium brand, and this normally demands a premium price. With the P-MEGA however, there is nothing from any other brand that allows it to be comparable as it’s such a unique product.. For users needing the many features of a power bank of this magnitude, they will be willing to pay a premium at priced at $160.53 USD it’s certainly not cheap, but in my opinion, with the market that it’s aimed at, I can’t help but think that it’s worth every single penny.


I started this review off by talking about the variety of products on the market, and while there are a lot flooding the market by many different brands, for some who have never even ventured into this area, LUXA2 are different. This is their domain and they have a lot of ranges to cover portable power packs, and the P-MEGA certainly takes them to a completely new level.

I’ve seen devices ranging up to around 24,000 mAH, but none quite as extreme as the P-MEGA which blows everything else out of the water. For those needing extreme power, quickly and efficiently, there is no other contender, especially in terms of functionality. You will find the majority of power banks in the retail channel offering up to two USB ports, whereas the P-MEGA has a whopping 6 making it a perfect device for multiple users and opening up a completely new meaning to the word “lifestyle”

The build quality and design is nothing short of what we expect from LUXA2 and the added extras with the blue LED lighting and included leather bag, just simply add to the wow factor. While a lot of consumers will be put off by the price tag, it does show that the market is growing for this type of product and if you need a power bank that can do the same job as carrying around 6 different devices with you, I know which option I would rather go with.

One thing that might have been nice was a variety of cables, but with so many different connectors from Micro USB to Mini USB to Lightning and many more, this isn’t really a feasible request when you look into the logistics of adding such features.

Overall, this is one of the most unique products we’ve looked at in a long time and rightly so. Out of all of the brands we’ve worked with in the past, only someone like LUXA2 could have developed a device like this and given it the all-start treatment. If you have the cash, and you’re thinking about getting the P-MEGA, I honestly don’t think that you’ll be disappointed. Innovation at its finest in an ever-growing market puts LUXA2 at the front-line of portable power for mobile devices.


  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Large battery for long charges
  • 1A and 2A USB charging ports
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Charging ports light up to indicate when in use.
  • Included leather bag makes it “portable”
  • Unique and innovative idea


  • Some may be put off by the price tag
  • Has a very niche market
  • 2.5A would have been preferred

“The P-MEGA 41600mAH power bank is like no other. While it’s suited for a niche market, it’s stylish, has the build quality that we expect from LUXA2 products and has the ability to charge 6 devices at once with ease. One of the most innovative products that has been brought to the market in a long time nd is definitely a market leader to show what is possible. and available for people needing constant accessibility to their portable devices while on the go.

LUXA2 P-MEGA 41600mAh Power Station Review

Thank you LUXA2 for providing us with sample.