LUXA2 P-MEGA 41600mAh World’s Largest Power Station Review

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Power stations and rechargeable battery packs are becoming  necessity in this day and age, especially for those on the go such as myself. I’m an avid iPhone user and I maximise the full potential of my device in terms of using it as a phone, diary, email client, web browser, social media hub and much more. With this great amount of power in the palm of your hand, comes a great power loss in terms of battery life. While iPhones are notorious for their battery life, it’s Android and Windows devices too, and it’s happening on a larger scale as well.

The iPad is renowned for having amazing battery life, whereas other tablets aren’t as fortunate, and suffer with much poorer battery life, and while you’re on the go, it always seems to be that point when you desperately need to use your device, to find it’s about to get cut short. You can try the obvious of turning the brightness down, disabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location services and such, but sooner than later; it’s going to die. When you are faced with this situation, you can buy a mobile battery charger, which range from the cheap Chinese knockoffs to the plethora of more expensive certified units on the market.

We’ve looked at them from a variety of brands in the past, and generally you’ll find everyone is making them including ADATA, Coolermaster Mobile, Patriot and more, but these generally hover around the 5000mAh mark. Of course there are smaller capacities, which demand a smaller footprint, making it perfect for handbags and pockets. Others can warrant a 9000mAh capacity but of course, with this, comes a larger, bulkier device. The question is; what if you want something for you and your friends?

Picture this if you will; you are off camping, and while you have the bright idea of taking  an in-car charger and relevant cable, you will generally only have one cigarette lighter point, and 5 of your friends want to charge their devices at the same time, as you all sit around the fire Whatsapping and Facebooking each other, though you are only 2 feet away. Luxa2 believe they have a solution to this socially awkward situation with the P-MEGA 41600mAh power station with its ability to charge up to 6 devices at once with 3 being able to give that extra juice at 2A for tablet devices in a relatively small form factor device.

This device isn’t for the faint-hearted and if you think that you mis-read, I will confirm that this is a staggering 41600mAh power station that can easily charge 3 tablets and 3 mobile phones concurrently, making this perfect for friends and family when your smart devices really are your livelihood.


The biggest issue with the P-MEGA is that every media outlet has exclaimed that it’s huge but looking from the dimensions above, for something with such a huge capacity battery, it’s pretty well sized. The box reflects this well and makes a big marketing stand to tell us that it’s the “World’s Largest Power Bank”.


The back of the packaging highlights some of the main features of the unit and also gives us a glimpse of how it can look when you have 6 devices connected to it.


Inside you get a handy leather bag to transport the unit, a quick start guide, power connector cord and three different plug faces including US, European and UK.


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6 Comments on LUXA2 P-MEGA 41600mAh World’s Largest Power Station Review

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    Not only is it far too expensive but you’ll likely be charged extra by an airline carrier for exceeding the maximum baggage weight. What is desperately needed are smaller, higher density batteries. This I’m afraid is not the solution, it’s more of a workaround.

    • Avatar John Lee says:

      It weighs less than 1kg, so I highly doubt even with 20kg bag limit it is going to exceed my baggage weight. On top of that, it can be hand carried on board flights, so even if by chance baggage is exceeded to be checked-in, you still have that option.

      • Avatar Skidmarks says:

        I was being sarcastic. It’s main flaw is it’s just far too expensive for a simple charging device and it’s bulk also impacts negatively. Some people might find it a worthwhile buy, that’s their prerogative. I’m definitely not their target market.

  • Avatar Donny Beveridge says:

    All that power and it won’t charge a laptop?

  • Avatar droid123maverick says:

    Smartphone giveaway: win a custom 32GB Nexus 5./

  • Avatar droid123maverick says:

    Smartphone giveaway: win a custom 32GB Nexus 5./

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