Luxa2 H6 Portable iPad Stand Review

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In this age of the “I” revolution, apple have recently declared I pad sales rocketing to over 25 million units. As an I pad owner myself I bought into the digital lifestyle that offers games, entertainment, lifestyle choices and much more at the touch of a button.

With such a precious device in my hands it was important to me that my accessories enhanced my digital lifestyle. We have previously looked at the LuxA2 H4 desk stand, a product we liked so much we gave it our Editors Choice award.

However the H4 is a desk based stand and there are times you may need such functionality on the move.

Today we introduce the LuxA2 H6 portable stand designed for tablet devices such as the Apple I pad. The H6 builds on the stylish and elegant heritage of the LuxA2 range and fits devices from 145cm to 245cm within its cradle.

The H6 comes in a high quality presentation box with a transparent front to display the stand. At first glance the H6 would not look out of place as a luxury gift or Hi-end professional accessory.

The rear of the box demonstrates the functionality of the product in two variations and identifies a key list of the products features. Looking more closely at the product, the sleek design of the H6 is made from pressed metal with a brushed aluminium finish and comprises of two primary elements.

Firstly we will look at the device cradle which is a similar design to that found on the H4. Using clever pivot technology, it is possible to tilt and rotate the cradle to suit the user’s needs.

Being a portable unit this functionality allows users to adjust their viewing angles on a wide variety of different surfaces as well as utilising the landscape mode when watching video media, making the stand extremely versatile.

The cradle itself is a dynamic assembly, comprising of 4 arms that move in synchronisation to grip the device. In the centre of the cradle is a soft rubber cushion that is made from a non slip material.

This unique design provides additional protection to the skin of your tablet, while ensuring a secure grip is maintained at all times.

The second element of this stand is the brushed aluminium back support that comes complete with a rubberised foot plate. The back support is simple in its design and comes printed with the LuxA2 logo.

There is a circular hole in the back support that allows a degree of cable management if required but also adds an element of design to what could be otherwise a basic component of the stand.[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]

The connecting bracket marries these two elements using clever pivot technology to allow a full 360 degree rotation as well as full tilt functionality. There is a satisfying tautness to the rotation of the device that gives the product a feel of quality and durability.

A key feature of this stand is the soft rubber locating pegs found on the arms of the cradle. Unlike other stand designs the H6 hugs the edges of your tablet with soft rubberised Pegs that prevent damage or scuffing to the edges. Many stand manufactures opt for a static sized unit that prevents additional protective cases to be used. The adjustable arms found on the H6 allow tablets in protective cases to be inserted into the stand maximising its versatility.

Due to the spacing of the arms, all of the locating pegs are clear from important buttons and controls. The product feels durable with stable operation when tested on a wide variety of surface materials. The H6 is marketed as a portable stand and has been designed with this in mind.

The frame has been constructed using light weight materials with the picture frame style back leg. This is easily collapsible to minimise storage space and transportation implications. The stand comes complete with an accessory bag which allows you to transport the product safely and prevent damage to the cradle while on the move.

With a cost price of around £30 it may be more expensive than other stand designs out there. Having said this, its stylish design and elegant functionality make it competitively priced in the accessories market and in our minds good value for money.

Overall this product is set to impress with greater stability and style than other stands, and a better build quality and finish. The creature like design of the arms is also aesthetically pleasing and lighter than some fixed size products. With such a clever design we believe that the LuxA2 H6 has not disappointed and is a clear winner in the tablet stand market.


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