Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Phone Mount Review

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Final Thoughts


Priced at around £25 on Amazon UK, the H5 comes in one of three colours – silver, black or red. The black and red versions are slightly more pricey, but considering the black and silver models will blend in to most car interiors flawlessly these two are my personal favourites. US pricing is very similar with the black and red mounts carrying a slightly higher price tag (~$45 US) and are also available on


In the same way that we didn’t have much to say in terms of ‘performance and use’ of the H1 mobile desk stand, H5 does exactly as it says on the tin. What this mount has to offer over other, cheaper alternatives that are readily available on the market is quality and style. Having had a number of mobile phone holders for my car, a common trend that followed through the lot was vibration. When travelling over roads that are not exactly smooth, I found other holders bouncing a little and this really came down to the arms. The H5 though is far from this. Evne when going over some of the poorest roads in my area, the mount stayed solid and there was barely any vibrations visible and the grip on the phone was also fantastic.

Flexibility to cater for any vehicle setup is also very good. Through the use of four joints on the arm, the H5 can be positioned in countless ways, putting the phone exactly where you want it – and it holds that position all the time. Even though this is the only in-car phone holder that I’ve properly reviewed, any other phone holder that I may look at in the future has got a heck of a lot to stand up to. There is with no doubt that this is going to be my top choice for anyone that is after a decent mount for their car – yes its costs a lot more than your standard £5 plastic holder that can be readily found on Amazon or eBay, but I can tell you now, that this is worth every penny.

Simply said, if you want a phone holder that is going to last, then get straight to it and get one of these in your car – you won’t be disappointed.


  • Rock solid build
  • No bouncing whilst driving around
  • Stylish looks and feel
  • Established and reputable brand


  • Not the cheapest phone holder on the market

“When it comes to getting a phone holder for your car there are countless options available for a very small cost, but when it comes to getting one that will last and ooze quality out of every gap, the H5 from Luxa2 is by far ahead of the pack. It may cost a considerable amount more, but trust me you won’t be disappointed with this in any way at all As the old saying goes, ‘ buy cheap; buy twice’.”

Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Phone Mount

Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Phone Mount

Thanks to Luxa2 for providing this review sample.

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