Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Phone Mount Review

A Closer Look

Taking the mount out of the box, the first impressions as far as built quality is concerned as very good. The H5 bar the suction cup has an all metal design & build along with a sturdy feeling with joints that all feel lose enough to freely move around whilst not ‘bouncing around’ as you travel over uneven roads.

Behind the clamp to hold your phone, the head is fixed to a rotating bracket to allow vertical or horizontal alignment of the phone and in the middle is an elbow to turn the head left and right for optimum viewing of the phone.

At the back of the arm is another pivot to allow the cup to turn to the right angle to affix to a windscreen.

The suction cup itself is made of plastic with a rubber insert to affix to the screen. A locking clip pulls the rubber cup back into the plastic housing to give a very strong fixture to glass. To pins on the lock then pull out to release the H5 from the glass surface.

Sticking the H5 into a car, the mount isn’t exactly small however it is very easy to turn and move to sit in just the right position to face you with ease.

Positioning of the H5 is all down to user preference, personally I prefer to have to phone situated to the right of my steering wheel out-of-the-way but for those that prefer to have the phone in the middle of the screen for better sat-nav viewing, the joints on the arm easily move around and again there isn’t the feel that your phone is in the way of anything like some bulky mounts appear when sited in the middle of a screen.