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Luxa2 are a sub division of Thermaltake, who as we know are one of the biggest companies in the computer tech world and with a large focus on mobile devices, Luxa2 offers a premium collection of products that are aimed at consumers wanting style, durability and finesse. While Luxa2 have developed mobile phone holders over the years that have been specific to iPhone’s such as the H1-Touch, they are now realising that the world is bigger than Apple and their iOfferings. With this, we have their latest mobile phone creation; the H1 Premium holder which allows any device with a display size of 3.2” ~ 4.8” to be snugly housed within it.

Featuring an all aluminium desk stand, adjustable mount that can be pivoted, swivelled and manipulated to fit your device, the H1 Premium seems to work from the success of the original H1 products, while offering something for the Android, and BlackBerry users opposed to singling them out with its previous iPhone range of products. Weighing in at 198g and measuring a measly 110x93x167mm it will hardly use up much space on the desk either and if your desk is anything like mine, it might make it look a bit tidier.

The packaging follows the premium Luxa2 branding with the same colour scheme as seen on their website and simple yet effective placement. A view of the stand and a brief description of the capabilities are also listed.


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2 Comments on Luxa2 H1 Premium Mobile Holder Review

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    This can come in handy if you stream video feeds on your phone. I was watching the Poms getting their butts kicked by the Aussies in The Ashes in my garage this morning on my phone but holding it became a nuisance so I quickly devised and built a stand for it but these look a lot classier than my crude wood contraption. Not that I’d ever buy one because streaming content on my phone is something I won’t do if there’s no wi-fi handy.

  • Avatar smop says:

    cricket is crap so is this holder.

    (from a pom)

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