LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Final Thoughts


Right now the LUXA2 Groovy Speaker is available at Newegg and Amazon for an attractive price point of $65-$75 which makes it almost silly to avoid picking one up considering most of the competing products of this caliber are priced roughly around $130+. It’s a reasonably priced product that can easily fit into people’s budgets and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.


Despite some minor flaws, overall I must say that I was very pleased with the performance and aesthetics of the LUXA2 Groovy. Since the portable bluetooth speaker market consists predominantly of plastic constructions, the build quality of the Groovy is superb and refreshing. The brushed aluminum finish with real leather hand straps gives it a very nice classy look that separates it from competitor products. The size of the unit is another huge aspect that should be mentioned it again. It’s a lot smaller than most people would imagine. Especially considering the power of the output coming from it. Added with the quality leather strap that comes with the unit it makes for a very portable device that isn’t troublesome to store when not in use.

Sound quality is surprisingly great considering it’s size and price point. Although I just wish it had a little bit more bass to give it that extra punch. Listening to music was an absolute pleasure and call quality was clear and crisp. A small yet important note to reiterate is how volume that it can reach. This unit can get loud and it’s a great thing considering most mobile devices are built with rather weak on-board speakers.

Battery life could have been better but it’s a small complaint that shouldn’t deter people from purchasing one. I really don’t expect everyone to be erupting their eardrums with max volume all the time so the playtime on one charge should be more than enough for most.

All in all it’s simple, the LUXA2 Groovy is a great device that is well worth the price and then some.

If this product is to define the new and improved product lineup from LUXA2 then I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.


  • Stylish, very simplistic
  • Small footprint on your desk surface
  • Amazing build quality, aluminum provides sturdy and lightweight structure
  • Competitive price at $65
  • Two interchangeable REAL leather straps is a great additive
  • Sound Quality equivalent to some competitor units at higher price points


  • Oddly placed charge port
  • Needs a little more bass (not completely a con but a con nonetheless)
  • Wish the battery lasted a little longer at higher volumes


Luxa2 Groovy Wireless Speaker Review

Thanks to Luxa2 for providing this review sample.