LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Battery Life

According to the specifications found on LUXA2 website the unit’s required charge time is 3.5 hours with a play time of 11-12 hours. For the two weeks that I’ve spent with this unit the 3.5 hour charge time is fairly accurate while the play time unfortunately is quite lower than documented. I was able to get around 7-8 hours at medium volume while using max volume (which is quite loud) garnered roughly 3-5 hours of usage. While not exactly the 11-12 hours promised it is still relatively good for those small periods of time where you just want to kick back and listen to music. I like EDM and have an unhealthy obsession with movie soundtracks in case you were wondering 😉

Sound Quality

While we’re already on the subject of music let’s quickly talk about sound quality. As mentioned above, the speaker output is quite loud when pushed to the limit with very little distortion. I tested the sound quality in a few simple ways; movies, some music and one video chat. Immediately you can hear the crisp highs as well as the lows. I had heard from an individual that there is a little distortion at max volume but it was non-existent with the unit I received from LUXA2. While the bass is not very heavy it’s not necessarily a bad thing as the overall sound quality is crisp and delightful for a wide variety of music types.

During my video chat I had nothing but crystal clear audio. In fact it was perfect on both ends of the conversation. Even though there isn’t any sort of noise cancellation built into the unit it still did a very good job at dampening any ambient sounds that would normally hinder the clarity of the output.



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