Love Drone Is Lifting Spirits In San Francisco

Drones are not usually associated with Christmas and Love, however artists George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan are doing just that. They are using the drones every couple of minutes in San Francisco’s Union square to fly tinsel and mistletoe over unsuspecting couples urging them to embrace to Christmas spirt and share a kiss.

Zisiadis is hoping to bring out the inner child in us all. He is an interactive artist who has already taken San Francisco by storm with his visual art involving balloons, bubbles and beating hearts. Zisiadis has gone onto say;

“I devote my work to drawing out the curiosity and endless fun that lie within us. These qualities often get lost somewhere on the road to adulthood. By manipulating environments, I help people reimagine their relationships with reality. My goal is to engineer situations that induce you into playfulness, to use surprise and delight as a way of inspiring you to not take the status quo for granted. It is in those precious moments of childlike wonder that your imagination is free to soar. And this is the key. Because in order to create a better world, we must first be able to imagine it. Play seems to be the this thing that only children are allowed to do in designated, fenced-in areas. I think play is a creative necessity for all adults, or par with exercise. Sure, you can go a month without visiting the gym. But think about how gross you’d feel by then. As daily life gets busier and more stressful, we need to reengage with our inner children now more than ever.”

It seems that whatever these artist do they are capturing the attention of the public and bringing joy to those all round us, by creating real life art for all to enjoy.


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Image courtesy of fastcoexist.