Lizard Squad Hacks Taylor Swift’s 51 Million Follower Twitter Account

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It was just this morning that we reported on Lizard Squad claiming responsibility for the earlier Facebook and Instagram outage, now it seems that the hacking group has taken another Social Media behemoth – Taylor Swift. For 15 minutes, Swift’s account featured two Tweets that referred to the reptile-themed cyber attackers.

Even though it was only 15 minutes before they were deleted, both tweets handing shoutouts to two Lizard Squad accounts, received 1 -2 thousand retweets and more than 11 thousand combined favourites. It’s also worth mentioning that her 20 million follower Instagram was hacked too, with a similar plug for one of Lizard Squad’s members.

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Lizard Squad keeps on making the headlines lately following their massive DDoS attacks on both PSN and Xbox Live last Christmas. Just this past weekend, they took down the website of Malaysia Airlines, leaving the message “404 – Plane Not Found” shortly before promising to dump some “loot” found on the site’s servers. Plus this morning, the group hinted at their involvement with last night’s Facebook and Instagram outage.

We can only wonder what they’ll try next.

Source: The Verge

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2 Comments on Lizard Squad Hacks Taylor Swift’s 51 Million Follower Twitter Account

  • Avatar grumpytrooper says:

    these kids have no class or style. Go find something useful to do like taking down a load of Isis accounts, wait nevermind the professionals have already done that………

    • Avatar Jeordie White says:

      Style or class? Is that really an insult into a bunch of teens and 20 yo’s? They are going after whatever they can for notoriety and trying to make money along the way with their ddos’er. They are just as full of shit as the next group of people trying to make money. Like eteknix. They are merely a site that reposts news with making it look like they are taking their own spin on the story. It’s nothing more than a blog site disguised as a website that resposts news.

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