Lionhead job ad confirms next-gen Xbox?

Microsoft may be keeping tight-lipped about the Xbox 720, but you can always rely on the job listing boards of game companies to let slivers of future console news slip out. Case in point: Lionhead, the team behind the Fable games. Apparently the company is looking to tool up with a top new lead programmer to work on console specs that don’t quite exist yet.

Lionhead, the development studio famed for creating the Fable series under the guidance of artistic auteur Peter Molyneux, has posted a job listing for a lead engineer to work on an as yet ‘unannounced title.’

The game in question will need someone with experience in working with DirectX 11, which is why this particular ad is so interesting: DirectX 11 isn’t used in the either the Xbox 360 or the Sony PS3.

It is, however, a technology heavily rumoured to appear in the Xbox 720. Depending on which rumour camp you sit in, Microsoft is set to announce the Xbox 720 either at this year’s E3 or at some point over the next two years.

All speculation of course, but the evidence is steadily building up these last few months of the future of our beloved consoles.

Source: ElectricPig