Lionel Richie Is Project Fi’s Secret Ambassador

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Google announced project Fi, a massively important international wireless service. What does our dearest Lionel have to do with this? you may ask, well you may be dancing on the ceiling when you find out!

On the Experience page on the Google Project Fi website (available here) there is a phone number on one of the diagrams that displays one of Project Fi’s features. If you call this number someone answers. The call connects right in the middle of a popular 80’s tune. This is a very clever trick done by google as it’s the same way that the company has entered the wireless market, the song then cuts out just after the key lyric. Very similar to how this sentence is going to…

We’re joking really, no in-depth analysis on Mr Richie’s tunes from us today. This just shows that Google know how to have a good joke. You can dial 404-978-9316 to hear him sing along all night long if you want to, just don’t make sure you fall in to endless love with him, you may rack up a heck of a phone bill!

We’re pretty sure Google may even start their own water park. The idea was sparked when Lionel took his performing cat to Sea world. “What a feline, dancing on the sea lion…

Thank you to The Verge for this information.

Image courtesy of Dublinconcerts