Limited Space Usable on Apple Watch despite 8GB Capacity

On the heels of Apple’s big event the other day, they have told 9to5Mac that only limited amounts of the Apple Watch’s 8GB will be usable, for now. When it comes to music, Apple has allocated 2GB of space, which roughly translates to about 200 to 250 songs at 256Kbps quality from the iTunes store. By comparison for photos you only get 75MB, but that isn’t as negative a point with the Watch limiting users to favorite photos and re-sizes them to match the display, although personally I wouldn’t be showing off photos on a screen that size.

This begs the question, if the phone comes with 8GB, which is more than most Android Wear devices to boot, how is the other 6GB allocated? Like any mobile devices, a portion is used for the operating system and app caches, the rest is yet to be determined. Since the device is so new, and apps currently act more as an extension of an iPhone that an independent device, storage isn’t too big an issue. As we see more native apps developed, the storage design will most likely see changes.

Source: Engadget