Would You Like Fries With That? Burger King Offering Smartphones to Customers

Burger King are holding nothing back in regards to their new branded mobile app for Android – so much so that they’re offering Android smartphones on their website.

But as the famous saying goes “Nothing in life is free”. The fine print reads:

“Free phone offer is only available with select service plans, data and messaging features and a new two-year subscriber agreement. Price valid for primary and secondary lines only. Offer is subject to identity, credit, and/or eligibility check, and may require a deposit.” BurgerKing

But I’m sure you’re more interested in what’s actually on offer besides some tasty fast food deals. Burger King are offering models such as the Galaxy S3 and S4, the Motorola Moto X and lesser known models such as the Casio F’ZOne Commando and LG Enact. There is no mention of the latest and greatest, but the above phones will certainly get the job done for all your general smartphone needs.

Once you’ve decided you want to take advantage of this deal, you’re forwarded to Amazon to complete the transaction. CNet checked out this process and reported:

“For example, I picked out the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Verizon. Once on Amazon, the cheapest new Verizon individual plan is about $55 per month for 250MB of data. So your free Burger King smartphone will end up costing you the same as any other free-phone deal.” 

Finally, what does the app offer? Nothing too amazing is the answer – a range of food coupons and a handy restaurant locator for those drunken nights wandering the streets looking for much-needed sustenance. We’ve been told that the app is mostly functional, with some intermittent errors loading the menu.

The app is free but unfortunately the phone is not. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to decide. But in the end you’re going to be paying the same for the phone and plan as you would through your regular channels.

Image courtesy of Burger King