Lian Li Release PC-B16 & PC-A61 Aluminium Chassis

Lian Li has just unleashed another set of gorgeous aluminium chassis products. The PC-B16 and the PC-A61 mid-towers each feature a stunning brushed aluminium design, a modular 5.25″ drive cage and removable HDD bays, giving you great flexibility for customising the chassis. The two have the same internal design, but the PC-B16 has been designed with silent operation in mind, hence it’s most enclosed design.

Both the PC-B16 and PC-A61, 59.7L and 57.5L respectively, boast Lian Li’s tool-less HDD bay system, allowing DIY builders to mount either a 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive on the six individually removable hard drive bays. To free up space or to enhance airflow from the two front 120 mm fans, all six bays can be removed with the twist of a few thumbscrews. The 5.25″ cage which houses three 5.25″ bays is completely modular, giving builders flexibility to use the space as they see fit. An additional 2.5″ can also be mounted behind the motherboard tray.

The silence-oriented PC-B16 allows for a high performance system that is audibly invisible. Sound-absorbing foam lines the side panels, top panel and the lockable front door.

CPU coolers up to 170 mm (6.7″) in height and power supplies up to 280 mm (11″) in length are supported. VGA cards up to 420 mm (16.5″) comfortably fit inside the PC-B16 and PC-A16. A tool-less removable top panel and 60mm (2.3″) of spacing allows for 240/280 mm radiators and AIO liquid cooling kits to be easily installed on both the PC-B16 and PC-A61. A 240 mm radiator can also be mounted at the front.

The PC-B16 and PC-A61 will be available in the UK in the middle of May for the suggested retail prices of £144 and £119 respectively.

We’re really forward to checking out these cases, they’re quite expensive for mid-towers, but their modular interior and high quality construction should go along way to justifying the asking price.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp