Lian Li PC-CK101 “Train” M-ITX Chassis Review

The rear panel of the engine carriage is on backwards when you take it out of the box, this is to prevent the plastic clips from being snapped. Reversing the panel allows the two carriages to be clipped together, something you will see better in our final build photos.

With the panel removed we can see that the small SFX PSU allows us plenty of extra room for our cables and airflow.

The PSU is a 300w SFX form factor unit, while that may not sound like much it’s pretty powerful for a system that will feature one optical drive, two hard drives and no expansion cards, so any APU or integrated solution should be easily powered.

A couple of SATA connections, a molex, plus the motherboard connections give us more than enough for everything this system can hold.

With the PSU removed we can see there is just enough room given to slide in a 3.5″ or 2.5″ hard drive, slim optical drive and still route our cables through the lower section. It looks pretty snug, but since the chassis is hollow there is a surprising amount of room for “stuffing” excess cables, as we will see in the build section.

The rear carriage is just big enough to hold a mini-ITX motherboard, the motherboard standoffs are pre-installed and there is little else to highlight here.

The front of the carriage features a 120mm intake fan, it is fitted with a grill to prevent cables from snagging in the blades and of course there is an air filter on the other side. It is powered by a 3pin connection but also comes fitted with a removable molex adaptor for maximum compatibility.

Here we can see the reverse of the rear cars side panel, which features a single piece of tinted plastic for both windows, which appears to be glued in place over the Aluminum frame.