Lian Li PC-CK101 “Train” M-ITX Chassis Review

Now for the most exciting part of the chassis, the Engine carriage. As you can see it is a fantastic model of a steam engine, there is a window on the left side panel as well as two forward facing windows and there are many more fake rivets that give the whole thing a very industrial design. Finally we see there are two USB 3.0 ports down the left side.

The front panel features a circular power button which is fitted with dual LED lights, the button glows red when powered on and flashes blue when the HDD is accessed. Amazingly there is room for an ODD here and the rectangle panel just above the cattle grill can be removed, giving you room to install a slim optical disc drive.

The left side features the back-end of the PSU, giving you space to hook up a 3 pin power cable and a master power switch.

Around the back we have some ventilation for the PSU, as well as the five thumb screws required to gain access to the interior of this panel. The PSU is held in place with four screws that allow you to remove and install it fairly easily.

Here we can also see another rubber grommet for the cable link up between the two carriages, perfect for running the PSU cables to the motherboard, as well as connecting the engine cars USB 3.0 ports, HDD or optical drive.

Here we can see some slide on mounts for fitting a 2.5″ HDD, this can be done using the rubber washers and special screws that were included with the chassis. There is also a lot of extra ventilation under here, perfect for keeping things cool given that this part contains out PSU.