Lian Li Announces TU-300 Portable Case and Trolley Wheels

Lian Li has released yet another chassis and this time it is another portable one for the people who like to take their rig with them, may it be for LAN sessions or something completely different. The new Lian Li chassis is however not a mini-ITX chassis as most portable ones are, but one that can house a full-sized ATX motherboard, multiple graphics cards, and everything else that you’ll want in your rig. Lian Li named it the TU-300 (PC-TU300).

Despite being able to hold a full ATX system, the TU-300 only weighs 3.8kg and measures just 218mm x 398mm x 440mm, making it both compact and lightweight. It comes with a handle mounted on the top that makes it easy to pick up and carry where you need to go and it also features aluminium bumpers on the corners to protect the valuable rig. If that still shouldn’t be portable enough for you, then you can get the optional trolley cart (Lian Li TC-01) that will give your rig wheels and a handle to pull it.

The TU-300 features a bottom to top airflow with two 120mm filtered intake fans at the bottom and two 120mm filtered exhaust fans on top. There is also a rear 120mm fan space that could be used well with an AIO CPU cooler. The power supply, which can be an ATX sized PSU with a length up to 160mm is mounted at the front and has its own intake and exhaust vents.

Seven expansion ports allow for triple GPU setups when thinking dual-slot cards with one to spare for something else. There is plenty of space behind the motherboard tray for cable routing and thanks to the PSU orientation you’ll have a very clean setup. CPU coolers with a height of up to 160mm can be mounted and you can use graphics cards with a length of up to 300mm.

Every hardware part inside the TU-300 is accessible without the use of tools. Either they use tool-free fasteners or thumbscrews. The PCI cover and drive cage are attached with thumbscrews, the drives slot into their respective bays with no tools, and the side doors use lever mechanisms to pop open.

There is really only one downside to this chassis and that is when it comes to how many drives that you can mount. Then again, with today’s capacity and availability of drives, it might not be so bad after all. You can mount up to two 3.5-inch drives in the removable hot swap cage where there’s also space for a 2.5-inch SSD. You can also mount an optical disk drive in the top of the chassis.

The new Lian Li TU300 comes either in full black, inside and out, or alternatively in silver. It will be available in the UK in early October at our friends from Overclockers UK. The PC-TU300A will set you back £179.90 and the PC-TU300X with all black interior can be yours for £199.90. That’s actually not bad compared to the TU-200 mini-ITX brother and only a minor increase in price for a lot more space.