Lexar JumpDrive M20 2-in-1Flash Drive Review

Final Thoughts


It’s not the cheapest drive on the market per GB, but it’s neither the priciest nor the slowest either. The official MSRP of £39.99 for the 32GB sized drive is actually very reasonable. You won’t have to pay close to that as it’s widely available at a much cheaper cost. Our UK readers can find it at Amazon UK for £14.03 or MyMemory for £12.99 and many more. US-based readers can pick up the JumpDrive M20 at Amazon for £26.45 or at  NewEgg for $29.95 while German readers can get this great duo drive starting at €18.71.


The idea of combining a high-speed USB 3 flash drive with a micro USB OTG capable plug is great. You have all the benefits of the high transfers speeds that reached 140MB/s in our tests when connected to your USB 3 port on the PC while giving you the extra ability to use it on your OTG enabled device for extra storage or backups.

The Lexar JumpDrive M20 is a unique drive with these two functionalities and it does both great. The design isn’t anything special, but at the same time it isn’t boring either. The slide switch on the side was tough to move at times, but I’m sure that will loosen slightly after extensive use. At first I thought that the white colour was somewhat impractical on a drive you’ll be carrying with you all the time, but to my surprise it didn’t get dirty at all.

Performance wise there isn’t a thing to put a finger on here, the JumpDrive M20 actually did 16% better than advertised in our reading tests and easy achieved the 140MB/s mark. While writing we saw very good speeds around the 40MB/S marker which isn’t bad for a drive like this.


  • USB 3 connection with up to 140MB/s transfer speeds
  • Increased functionality through microUSB for OTG devices
  • Compact


  • Slider is hard to use at times, feels very tight

“The Lexar JumpDrive M20 32GB combines the fast USB 3 transfer speeds with the practical OTG functionality into a single universal drive that is both easy to carry and use.”

Lexar JumpDrive M20 32GB Duo Flash Drive Review


Thanks to Lexar for providing us with this review sample.