Let the Saints Row IV Modding Commence

We’ve already seen the new standalone expansion to Saints Row IV, named Gat out of Hell, as well as the Saints Row IV: Re-elected console exclusive. But that wasn’t all the Saints developer team, Volition, had to announce during PAX Prime this weekend.

The official modding SDK for Saints Row IV has been released and opens up for the possibility of a lot of new gaming mayhems to enjoy. There already are some fan made mods around ranging from the obligatory nude mod over first-person view for both walking and driving all the way to skateboards skins and climate modifications, and everything in between. So this isn’t entirely new.

New new official SDK however offers up a lot more possibilities, and also in an easier form. We’ve already seen what the modding community can do in such games as Grand Theft Auto IV and Skyrim, just to name two, so it will be really interesting to see what the skilled people around the web will come up with for this game.

Thank you joystiq for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Volition.