Lepa G1600 Modular Power Supply Review

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Lepa G1600 (13)

If you’re looking for a 1000W+ power supply there are few companies that make power supplies with that much grunt, move up the wattage and even fewer companies make power supplies at the 1500W+ level. Of note Enermax offer a 1500W Platimax, EVGA a 1500W SuperNova and SilverStone a 1500W Strider. However, if you need to go beyond 1500W there are even fewer options. Off the top of my head I know of the Rosewill Hercules 1600W power supply, the High Power RockSolid Pro 1600W power supply and the 2000W power supply made by Asian OEM Great Wall. Yet relatively speaking none of those three are solid reputable brands (at least not in my opinion) for power supplies or have limited availability.

With that all said today we have something that solves those problems as it is made by the power supply veterans Enermax under their Lepa brand line. We have the absolutely monstrous Lepa G1600 power supply with a staggering 1600W of continous power, 1700W of peak power, 80 Plus Gold certification with up to 93% efficiency and a fully modular design. Not only does it have all those great things but you know it is a unit you can trust as it offers a staggering 5 year warranty and ten 6+2 pin PCIe connectors supporting up to five dual connector graphics cards. Right off the bat the Lepa G1600 looks ideal for any extreme system, GPU compute system, mining system, folding system or anything else that needs an insane amount of solid and reliable power.


About Lepa:

In 2011, LEPA heralded the birth of a whole new rising star, shinning in the global computer hardware arena. LEPA was founded by a group of enthusiastic IT engineers with zeal about technological innovations. LEPA embodies the high standards of quality, performance and stability, and strives to provide consumers with more reliable, creative high-tech solutions. With abundant research and development capabilities, LEPA introduced the spiral LED fans to the world, which has ignited the entire fan industry and sparked new lighting trends. The innovative LED fans with the multi-pattern control put fun in functionality, delivering both practical performance and aesthetic experience. To meet up with the latest energy-saving regulations, LEPA continuously introduces series of PSUs with the 80PLUS certification. In 2012, we launched the G1600-MA as the world’s first 1600W PSU with 80PLUS Gold certification. This demonstrates our outstanding and excellent R&D capability.The mission of LEPA indicates – “to bring about top-quality, safe and reliable, and reasonably-priced high-tech products to global users”, we will keep staying at the forefront of technology and continue our innovation. We strive to introduce more state of the art, exciting and chic high-tech products to you. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics about what this power supply is, what it is designed for and who Lepa are, let’s move onto the rest of the review and start looking at the product!

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  7. Noise/Ripple Testing
  8. Cross Loading
  9. Fan Speed
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2 Comments on Lepa G1600 Modular Power Supply Review

  • Avatar Colton says:

    I have a LEPA 1600, the fan is always on. Even when the computer isn’t on. Is this normal?

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      No this is not normal. However, the fan staying on is something controlled by the motherboard. The motherboard has to send the shut-down signal to the power supply, if the fan stays on the motherboard hasn’t set the correct signal AFAIK. Check your motherboard sleep settings.

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