Lepa G1600 Modular Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Interior

The OEM for the Lepa G1600 is Enermax. We can clearly see it is a beautifully crafted PSU: the attention to detail in construction and the quality of components are superb. The platform is similar to those used on the MaxRevo and Platimax Enermax power supplies.

The fan used in the Lepa G1600 is the ADDA ADN512UB-A90 which is capable of up to 2500 RPM at 42.5 dBA and 108CFM. In reality given the efficiency and quality of this unit the fan shouldn’t need to spin up that much unless it reaches 80%+ load.

Filtering starts at the input area with a complete line filter and two additional Y-caps to compliment that.

Additional transient filtering components are located on the main PCB and these include three CM chokes, one X cap, two Y caps and an MOV. The unit also makes use of three large Panasonic/Matsushita hold-up caps (400V, 330μF, 105°C, HC series).

All the modular connectors are handled by a separate vertical PCB that filters a substantial number of solid Japanese filtering caps for each of the rails. There are ten Rubycon caps (16V, 1500μF, 105°C, ZLK series).

A small vertical PCB at the bottom left of the picture provides protection against large inrush currents. The unit has a whole range of protections including OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, SCP and so on.

For a more in-depth technical analysis of the entire PSU and its each individual components you can see additional details here at TechPowerUp. While we’ve tried to provide a brief succinct summary there is much more to be explained so we recommend checking that link if you’re really interested in the nitty gritty.