Lenovo’s Website Hacked, Teenagers, High School Musical Take Over

Lenovo’s website has been hacked. In what is probably in response to the Superfish scandal, Lizard Squad took over their website in quite a bizarre fashion.

Their homepage was replaced with images of teenagers accompanied by music from ‘High School Musical’. The hack was very brief, with the site already back up and running.

Superfish essentially throws out ads on pages like Google that appear to match your search results. It seemingly does such a thing in Chome and Internet Explorer. It also provides annoying popups – something very common with adware. Superfish is dangerous as well as annoying. It appeared that the software was implementing a man-in-the middle attack by using a self-signed certificate authority, which allowed it to decrypt secure connections, such as those to your bank account or when you’re making a purchase.

Lenovo has since apologised, however it’s an apology some are clearly unhappy with.

Source: The Next Web