Lemmings Celebrate 25 Years of Cliffs and Explosions

There are few games which bring out the child in me, with fond memories and late nights of laughs and jokes. One of the few games that will forever stick in my memory was Lemmings. A game based on solving puzzles by leading the silly creatures to their final destination, avoiding the fire, pitfalls and of course, the players malice. What many don’t realise is that this game came out a whole 25 years ago, on the 14th February 1991.

By marching your little green haired lemmings to the objective you had a sense of accomplishment, with skills meaning your lemmings could climb, dig, block paths, build stairs or even explode in order to open up paths for their fellow groups.

If you don’t recall it was also one of the earliest games to feature a challenging multiplayer, with it using the Amiga’s support for two mice/joysticks to challenge players to the last lemming standing challenge. Either team green lemming or blue lemming, each player had 20 levels to try to get as many of their followers to the safe point, the maps looping until one person finally lost their final lemming.

If that wasn’t enough for you, or you just want to re-live some old memories then feel free to check out the online version of lemmings here, where you can play away watching your childhood explode onto the screen in full pixelated glory.