LEGO Dimensions to be Backwards Compatible

Remember a few weeks back we brought you the awesome news that LEGO will be making an interactive console game based around the same principle as Skylanders, Disney Infinity or Amiibo? No? Go check it out.

In the newest turn of events, the creators behind LEGO Dimensions have now stated that newer kits will be backwards compatible with the original ‘portal’. This comes as a surprise considering the other main three offerings all have specific compatibility and different game versions. I guess this is to incorporate the whole ‘this is LEGO, it’s compatible with sets from back in 1970 to a set released today.’

“Future expansion pack purchases will continue to work with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, even in the fall of next year. No compatibility chart necessary” a spokesperson stated. So the starter packs we get this Autumn will be compatible with sets in the future and vice versa. I guess the only issue that could arise is when a new console comes out that requires a new portal, but we’ll cross that bridge in a few years.

I’m really excited for this, I had to buy the Disney Infinity kit recently; OK the figures look fine, but you couldn’t exactly play with them once the game is over. Why not check out the newest video trailer for the game.

Thank you to engadget for providing us with this information.