Leaked Slides Confirm 32 Core AMD Zen Opteron CPUs

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32 core amd

For those are hoping for “MOAR COARS”, it looks like AMD will be delivering later this year. First alluded to in a Linux patch last week, AMD’s upcoming Zen Opteron CPUs are set to have up to 32 psychical cores. A leaked slide from CERN reveals that patch was right on target. Combined with the introduction of Symmetrical Multi-threading, this will allow Zen to handle at least 64 threads at once, an unprecedented amount for AMD and quadruple current chips.

In addition to the large core, Zen is expected to bring PCIe 3.0 and DDR4 to AMD’s server offerings. The memory subsystem also gets a major boost with up to 8 channels, double from the current 4 on Socket G34. Compared to Intel’s Haswell-EP, Zen will offer 14 more cores and 28 more threads and double the memory channels. While Broadwell-EP may change things up later this year, AMD may still hold a lead in terms of core and thread count.

AMD Datacentre Opteron Zen

Combined with the expected 40% IPC boost, Zen may finally bring AMD back into relevance in the lucrative server and data centre market. AMD has had no real update to their server lineup since 2011, leading to their market share dropping to near zero. With such a major update, AMD will once again be competing in the server market with Opterons that can go toe to toe with Intel. While 32 cores is unlikely for the consumer lineup, a 16 core chip seems pretty likely.

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2 Comments on Leaked Slides Confirm 32 Core AMD Zen Opteron CPUs

  • Avatar Vorlon says:

    I don’t understand last line. Why 32 core chip is unlikely for consumers? With 64 threads it doesn’t really matter consumer or server. Window addressable thread limitation of 70-72 will render multi CPU configurations pretty much useless in most cases.

    Already there is retarded trend where companies buy dual CPUs top of the line chips and then disable 50% of cores because system can’t use them.

    • Avatar ZomBie says:

      I just wonder about the clock speed. if it’s 200 mhz per core then it still won’t matter i think, since most programs don’t multithread that good

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