Leaked CPU-Z Images Reveal AMD Carrizo APU A10-8890K Specs

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A CPU-Z image which appears to detail AMD’s next-generation APU, the A10-8890K, has apparently been leaked. WCCFTech has found the image via Guru3D, but at this point it should be taken as a rumour, since nothing has been officially announced.

The CPU-Z image appears to show that AMD is still keeping the current APU name, having it part of the A10 series, possibly the A-10 Elite. The K suffix at the end shows that the APU in question has an unlocked multiplier and the ‘Elite Hexa-Core’ present in the AMD logo indicates that the APU comes with 6 cores. Also, the 95W TDP and 4.4 Ghz core clock makes it an impressive piece.


The latest AMD APU appears to be based on the FM3 socket, which has been stated to come in 2016, which leads to two possibilities here. The first is that the report from AMD was inconclusive and the APU might come early than reported, or the leaked CPU-Z image does not display an actual Carrizo APU.

The CPU is said to boast Excavator cores, the latest revision of the Bulldozer architecture. This might be the case in the leaked image, having it show a high core clock and number of cores. However, the L2 cache appears to show 3 x 1024 KB, which is said to be very low for a 6-core CPU. AMD might have something up its sleeve with some stacked DRAM lifting the L2 Cache, but nothing is sure at the moment.

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1 Comment on Leaked CPU-Z Images Reveal AMD Carrizo APU A10-8890K Specs

  • Avatar Real Friends in Second Life says:

    I wish AMD would please hurry up and release the next A10 ! The 8890K would be a welcome upgrade & help with modern systems such as lower cost STEAM boxes.

    AMD Should double the on chip shader count from 512 stream processors up to 1024 stream processors. This would give AMD a tactical advantage over nVidia. And by supporting the multi graphics ability of the R9 GPUs, a new APU becomes a far better integrated purchase than an intel+nVidia solution.

    Come on AMD, we can’t purchase PR slides !
    Bring on the chips Please ! 🙂

    AMD is only 2 decisions from dominating the CPU / GPU marketplace.
    Just Double the shaders & work on lowering the power requirements, without sacrificing the overclocking ability.

    In this way, consumers get a powerful Graphics solution, & with optional overclocking, the APU system can run at low power or rev up to maximum performance!

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