League of Legends Freljord Patch Released

For the last few weeks I have been getting lost in the world of League of Legends and while I’ve been getting a lot of entertainment out of the game, I have noticed that it lacks one major feature, maps!

This latest patch has been eagerly awated by the League of Legends fan base for some time now and Patch 3.6 has finally gone live on the Riot Games servers for you to download/auto update to.

The new patch doesn’t just fix bugs and make tweaks as a patch would imply, this is pretty much a DLC pack too although DLC is a difficult term to use for a game that is at its core, free to play. With this new patch comes the Freljord map that adds an all mid lane battle ground to the mix.

With Freljord comes a new allegiance system where can can align with one of the three tribes of Freljord, a brand new map called Howling Abyss, and lets not forget the triumpant relaunches for both Trundle and Sejuani.

There have also been some fixes to the matchmaking system and combat, which will hopefully resolved some of the issues with dodgers by using a re-roll system and issues with being a melee team vs a range team, helping keep the game more ballanced and competitive throughout.