Latest Zotac Graphics Cards and More @ CES 2015

Zotac are quickly getting a reputation for crazy product designs and looking at what they’ve brought to CES 2015, the much is still true. It’s a tough time for most GPU partners, as there’s little in the way of new chipsets right now, but Zotac have brought along their newly revised GTX 980 and 970 designs that still feature that crazy looking cooler, but with an slightly improved design that offers better temps, airflow and aesthetics in general.

Their HTPC and SFF PC market is still booming too and they’ve got a plethora of compact systems on display that offer up everything from budget friendly workstations, to gaming systems and even 4K capable units; all of which are small enough to pick up with one hand.

They also brought along some cool mods, such as their demo system that has a cool mod, allowing the GPU to be mounted on the outside; could be a great mod for helping keep your GPU running nice and cool.