Latest Windows 10 Preview Adds Dark Mode and New Emojis

After revealing their latest Windows 10 Preview at BUILD 2016  last week, the latest OS update has now become available. Ina addition to the headline native Bash support, there are also a number of other new and notable changes. The new Build 14316 is just a part of the massive changes Microsoft will be introducing with Windows 10 later this year with the Anniversary Update.

First off, we’re getting a new and improved Cortana. With the latest update, Cortana will work seamlessly across multiple Windows devices. This means when Cortana on your phone notices your phone has a low battery, Cortana on your PC will notify you to charge your phone. By making the transition between devices more seamless, Cortana becomes that much more useful.

Another area we have seen an update to is to the emojis. Microsoft has redesigned their Windows 10 emojis to better align with the Microsoft Design Language. The people emojis also feature skin tone support to ensure multiple skins tones can be displayed.

Finally, we have a new dark/night mode that changes the Windows theme to be darker. The OS, system apps and any other UWP apps that choose to respond to theme changes will all change based on the dark or light theme choice. Lastly, Windows Update will better display the update progress, showing more information about what is exactly is being updated.

What do you think about this update?