The Latest Update for Evolve Includes a Free Arena Mode

The asymmetrical first-person shooter game named Evolve was launched in February, and it received mostly positive reviews. The company behind its creation, Turtle Rock Studios, has just unveiled a new update for Evolve that comes with a brand new game mode named Arena Mode. The mode allows Monster and Hunter players to go toe-to-toe in close quarters combat in a best-of-three match. Apparently, the mode works by placing five fixed domes on each of the game’s 14 maps. This means that there are no less than 70 separate venues available; which is quite generous. The Turtle Rock Studios team stated the following:

“At the start, you select a map, then you’re in for a best-of-three series of hardcore firefights. The Monster and Hunters are locked in that dome until one side is eliminated. After that match, you immediately jump to another dome on the same map for round two – that continues until there’s a victor.”

Furthermore, when Hunters die during the fight, they are forced to sit the brawl out until the next battle. Character changes or perk selections won’t be possible between the three rounds, but those who choose to be the Monster can swap their abilities during the breaks.

For a more detailed description of this new Evolve gaming mode, check out the video below.

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.