Latest Noctua Products @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: Noctua has come out swinging at this year’s event. They’ve brought along their latest and greatest products, as well as a range of new and upcoming products.

Many of their existing products are quite popular, but as Noctua look to promote their new hardware, they’ve moved their old lines to the Redux category, which means they’ll keep manufacturing them and they’ll even be cheaper!

Their new prototype fan is particularly special, obviously it promises greatly improved performance, but look how tight those fan blades are from the frame! Virtually no space is wasted.

Their new U-type coolers, which will feature the new prototype fans once they are complete, now feature 6 heat pipes instead of five, improved layout for 100% ram compatibility in single fan mode, increased surface area of 50% for 120mm and 30% for 140mm and more improvements.

Here’s something cool, ANC fans! The fans use a small PCB at the back of the fan, as well as a microphone and a small magnet that can oscillate the fan blades like a speaker. This reduces the noise you can hear from the fan. There’s still a lot of development to be done, and the fans will no doubt be expensive, but the concept alone is pretty awesome.

Tired of that brown finish? How about some custom colour corners.

Skylake mounting kits, already available free of charge from Noctua!