Latest MSI Systems at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 is in full swing and MSI has really gone all out to display their latest and greatest technology. While again, we have seen much of these devices previously, it’s always great to have a refresh with currently available hardware. The things that really grabbed out attention are their stunning WS60 mobile workstation it’s got more processing power than most people will ever need and it’s a great mobile solution for those who do a lot of rendering, CAD work and other processor intensive tasks.

The GS30 shadow is a great two-in-one unit, on one hand you have a fast and highly portable ultra book, great for working out of the office and even some casual gaming. On the other hand, you’ve got a special dock at home, with a high end GPU, in this case the GTX980, giving you desktop gaming performance, with the flexibility of a system you and pick up and take with you afterwards.

The Titan never fails to impress, a pair of high end graphics cards, a full mechanical keyboard and more. Of course, this isn’t the kind of system you want to carry around all day, but when you need desktop levels of performance away from home, there’s really nothing finer than this absolute monster of a laptop.

There’s a lot more here at CeBIT 2015 and we’ll be bringing you even more updates very shortly, so stay tuned!