Latest D-Link Devices on Show @ CES 2016

CES 2016: D-Link are one of the best-known networking brands on the market today, and that clearly shows with their product ranges on display at CES. The first thing to catch my eye was their new Smart Alarm Detector, the DCH-S165, not only does it keep you safe by detecting photoelectric and electrochemical issues, it’ll monitor sound, alert you via mobile, connect to other D-Link devices for data tracking and more! This is a cool thing to have in the home or office.

As always, some extreme looking routers, equipped with powerful transmitters, giving huge range, super fast connections and capable of handling a huge range of devices. Perfect for the modern connected home, or even a small business setup.

Going bigger? If your network demands the lowest pings, the fastest speeds and a lot of devices, then the AC5300 is the way to go. It certainly looks impressive, and as you can see below, it has the specifications to match its appearance.

Aside from a few storage devices, and their amazing routers, you’ll also find their new DCS-2630L, a wide view Wi-Fi camera that is perfect for home security. With sound and PIR motion, a microSD slot for local recording and more, this is a nice little camera, and the compact design means it’s going to be super easy to install and use.