The ‘Last’ iPhone Cable You’ll Ever Need

One of the most annoying things about slimline charging cables is the damage caused to one of the charging ends. This is more common with Apple and previous generations of the iconic charging cables, but it does still impact the newer cables. Cheap fixes, or ‘hacks’ used to be getting a small spring from the inside of a retractable pen and putting that on the end to prevent excess bending or even wrapping shoelaces to prevent the bending.

The issue is more apparent with the older charging cables, the newer style cable hasn’t had many reported issues, but a new Kickstarter campaign has taken it upon themselves to produce one of the nicest cables I have ever seen.

Not only is it stylish, it is extremely strong; although I think a better strength test would have been attaching a clip to the end of the cable instead of tieing a knot about an inch away.

Now getting excited over a cable isn’t something I do every day, but that is one gorgeous thing that I wouldn’t mind sticking in my living room for people to charge their phones from. However, anyone else think 6ft is a tad excessive? I’d like to see not only more length options but also a move over to micro-USB for Android users.