Large Number of Pinterest Accounts Hacked, Weight Loss and Asian Fruit Spams Appear

Pinterest, the popular ‘virtual discovery tool’, has apparently been hacked again. This time however, there were no butt pictures in the spams (unfortunately). Nevertheless, a large number of accounts have been hacked and posts have even ended up even on Twitter.

The spam messages are said to be made out of weight loss bragging and asian fruit. Some of the latter post can be seen below:

The messages and content are funny, but this second incident also comes as a strong reminder that weak passwords are what leads to this type of incidents. The threat also increases with the popularity of the social media service. ComScore is said to rank Pinterest as the 39th most popular website in the US as of February 2014, having a value mark of over $5 billion. This means that it is a potential target for spammers, as what the second incident already suggests, and also other malicious activities.

Users are therefore urged to reset their passwords if their account appears to have been hacked and deauthorize any suspicious apps and services the account is paired to. Also, users should obviously refrain from clicking the link inside the spam messages to avoid having their accounts hacked as well.

Thank you TheNextWeb for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of TheNextWeb