Kojima Officially Leaves Konami And Discussing New Studio With Sony

Konami’s bitter feud with Hideo Kojima reached a boiling point during The Video Game Awards Show. The event’s host, Geoff Keighley revealed that Konami banned Kojima from attending and accepting his reward for Action Adventure Game of the Year. This pitiful, petty move showed Konami at their worst, and rightfully made the gaming community extremely angry. It’s still unclear what transpired between Konami and Kojima but it’s now officially over according to Nikkei.

Not only that, the site suggests that Kojima is creating a new studio and in early discussions with Sony Computer Entertainment. This means, Sony could provide the necessary funds to help create Kojima’s next vision and it will likely be a PlayStation exclusive. This is a huge development and it makes sense for Kojima to pair up with Sony given Metal Gear Solid’s roots. I’m confident any project he has planned will be funded either by Kickstarter or from a major publisher. Konami’s behaviour has been appalling and many people concluded they could leave the gaming industry. I don’t know how they can realistically expect to produce another Metal Gear Solid game without Kojima’s vision and it just seems wrong to use something he created.