KingSpec 2.5GB/s PCI Express Solid State Drive Revealed

The guys over at The SSD Review have managed to get their hands on a pretty nifty 1TB SSD worth around $2000-3000. The SSD is made by KingSpec and uses the very unexciting product name “MC2J677M1T”. The device is basically comprised of eight mSATA 120GB SSDs sandwiched onto a single PCB with a beefy controller to coordinate them all to run simultaneously in RAID.

As you can see their are four mSATA SSDs on either side of the PCB. The controller used is produced by LSI and requires an active fan for cooling, it can deliver around 84K IOPS. The storage NAND uses NANYA cache with JMicron controllers, capacities of 1TB and 2TB are available.

The SSD Review gave the drive a quick bench in ATTO and as you can see above it managed a staggering 2.56GB/s over the PCI Express 8X bus.

Images courtesy of The SSD Review