Kim Dotcom’s Mega 3.0 Will Be Fully Encrypted and Non-Profit

Kim Dotcom just won’t let it lie. After Megaupload, his first stab at a file-sharing service, was taken down amid a flurry of legal action, which resulted in the German entrepreneur having his assets seized by the US government, Dotcom launched Mega, which offered users free and secure cloud storage. However, Dotcom recently revealed that he was forced out of the company after a hostile takeover by alleged Chinese crook Bill Liu (aka William Yan), with the business later appropriated by the New Zealand government. But Dotcom already has plans afoot for a third attempt.

Dotcom made an exclusive statement to WIRED, reaffirming his fear that Mega has been compromised. “I don’t trust the new control group of Mega and it saddens me to see Mega in the hands of bad actors like Bill Liu and copyright extremists like Hollywood. And of course the New Zealand Government,” he said.

The man behind New Zealand’s Pirate Party, though, is determined to bring the people a fully encrypted, safe, and secure third iteration of his Mega experiment, both in terms of file security and legality, which he aims to do under the banner of a non-profit organisation.

“No shareholders, no seizures, no trouble,” Dotcom told WIRED. “I’m working with the best copyright experts and Mega is pretty much bullet proof against legal attacks. The new site will be even better. Hard disk sizes are massively increasing and hardware prices have dropped to all-time lows. Bandwidth is getting cheaper too. This new site will cover its operating costs easily from donations. You give users something they love and they will keep you going. I will probably not be living in a mansion, but I will sleep well knowing that I make millions of people happy every day.”

Thank you WIRED for providing us with this information.