Kid Attacks Mother For Unplugging His PS3, Judge Bans Him From Gaming

Racine County in Wisconsin has just had a very unique court ruling. The local judge has banned 17 year old Jeffrey Ehlers from playing video games after he launched an attack on his mother.

Jeffrey is said to have been raging and swearing at the game he was playing (unknown which game), his mother indicated that he should stop and when he failed to listen she unplugged the console. At this point Jeffrey attacked him mother for unplugging his console.

Not only has the judge banned him from playing video games, but he was also tried as an adult and charged with disorderly conduct. If Ehlers is convicted then he could face up to 90 days in prison for his actions.

Do you think this is fair? Personally I think it’s pretty fair, but we’d love to hear what you think of this unique court ruling.


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Image courtesy of PCGMedia.