KFC Introduce Bluetooth Keyboard Serving Trays

Ketchup, Oil, Grease ingredients aiding a spicy masterpiece, a necessity to yummy goodness and a Smartphone’s nightmare. Our loveable companions can rest easy, KFC’s latest addition aims to keep you tweeting and finger licking, whilst keeping those smudges at bay.

Its new range of smart-trays, a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, replaces your regular grease absorbant slip with microchips. The technology dubbed “Tray Typers” developed by Serviceplan connects to your phone, enabling you to continue that message, email, or tweet while enjoying your treats, adding a Smartphone friendly environment to your shakes and fries.

The flexible design enables reuse, rolling and wiping, and has received a favorable response at the Chains Germany Stores where tests are currently underway. It’s a major achievement for finger foods, not missing a treat while you tweet, now the important stuff whether to roll up your sleeves or not, hopefully this tech gets adapted to various food chains, would really keep the food to phone gymnastics at bay.

Of course, this won’t work for people like me who order a small banquet worth of food that takes up the entire tray, while it could also lead to people stealing the trays for use at home.

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