KFA2 GTX 680 EX OC 2GB Graphics Card Review

Noise is generally the bain of most consumers lives and in the hope of finding the quietest operation, we feel it’s necessary to show you the audio level of components. We use the same components throughout this test and use a sound level meter to record the audio level of the system with a passive graphics card installed. Once we have the level recorded with the passive card, we continue to change the graphics card for the one that we are testing. Due to us having the audio level recorded before installation, it gives us a guide to work with and shows that anything over our initial level is an audio gain.

With the twin fan cooler design, we see a low idle noise output, and considerably low load acoustic values, at 47.5 dBA and 53.2 dBA respectfully. For most users, these kinds of numbers would barely be audible.