Kerbal Space Program Reveals Update 0.23 Plans

Kerbal Space Program is planning to give players a chance to tweak their rockets. Squad, the independent development team behind the space agency sim game, has unveiled its plans for update 0.23 to their often crazy space simulation title.

Lead developer Felipe Falanghe detailed plans for update 0.23 plans on the KSP dev blog, including some exciting updates to Career Mode, which was launched earlier this month. These plans are not concrete as development is always moving forward on the title, but at the moment, this is their intention with the new updates;

  • Tweakables: One of the most anticipated features by veteran KSP players, as it allows players the chance to “tweak” how parts work during construction of their rockets and space planes.
  • Science Archives: Review all the date you’ve accumulated to date in this new section of the R&D facility.
  • Science Revisions: Transmission logic is being redone as well as the way experiments can be reset to improve usability while keeping it challenging.
  • Science Lab Module: A new ship part that lets Kerbalnauts test and analyze experiment results while still in the field.
  • 3D Mouse Support: Squad is working to introduce this peripheral to KSP.
  • Optimizations: This update should feature load time and overall performance improvements.

“Update 0.23 should really refine the existing aspects of Career Mode and add another level of polish and stability to Kerbal Space Program,” Falanghe said. “This update offers new players a more refined Career Mode experience while delivering on a few requested features from our experienced players.”

Kerbal Space Program is still in development and is available on its website and as part of Steam’s Early Access program.

Thank you KerbalDevTeam for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of KerbalDevTeam.