Kaspersky Lab Detects New Mobile Malware Targeting Google Android, Apple iOS Devices

New malware created by the HackingTeam is targeting mobile devices powered by Apple iOS and Google Android, as security companies largely struggle to keep up, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab.

The use of ‘Remote Control System’ (RCS) malware has been detected in the past, but the Italy-based HackingTeam is continuing to perfect their craft.  In an unusual twist, the RCS is licensed for use by governments and law enforcement agencies to snoop on users.

The Trojan is designed to operate in a discreet, stealthy manner, and won’t largely interfere with a user’s normal interaction with a smartphone.  The security issue intercepts phone calls and SMS messages, along with monitoring messages sent through third-party chat message programs.

HackingTeam has an extensive RCS infrastructure, with at least 326 servers operating in 40 different countries spread throughout the world.  Most of the servers are located in the United States, UK, Ecuador, Kazakhstan and Canada, Kaspersky said in its report.

Here is what Sergey Golovanov, Kaspersky Lab Principal Security Researcher, said in a press statement:

“The presence of these servers in a given country doesn’t mean to say they are used by that particular country’s law enforcement agencies.  However, it makes sense for the users of RCS to deploy C&Cs in locations they control – where they are minimal risks of cross-border legal issues or server seizures.”

As more users transition towards smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, cybercriminals are largely targeting these types of devices.  Law enforcement and government also are interested in snooping on mobile devices, understanding many users have large amounts of personal information stored on phones and tablets.

Thank you to Kaspersky Lab For providing us with this information

Image courtesy of The Hacker News