Kaspersky Develops Ransomware Decryption Tool

Ransomware is becoming more prevalent and taking user’s data hostage and demanding money for the release. Now with crime fighters getting their hands on a server Kaspersky has been able to make a decryption tool by using the decryption keys found on the machine.

Netherlands’ National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) recently got ahold of a Coinvault command-and-control server. Coinvault is a type of ransomeware that has been infecting computers from around the world since last November. On that server, they found a database of decryption keys, which they shared with Kaspersky. Kaspersky took those decryption keys and used them to build Noramsomware decryption tool. The tool is a work in progress that should get more effective with more keys that the law enforcement community finds. This may possibly help you to take back your data from a Coinvault ransomware if you are lucky since the app isn’t fully effective yet.

Be proactive and take steps to prevent viruses and ransomware in the first place, use security tools and make sure that you do not open attachments of email that you do not know the sender. If you are one that torrents files be sure to use a virus scanner and check items regularly as well as looking at other user’s notes on the files to make sure they are clean.

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of The University of Arizona