Just Cause 3 Engine Does Not Support Multi GPU Configurations

Avalanche Studios is a reputable PC developer and renowned for creating optimized games including Just Cause 2 and Mad Max. While Mad Max’s enviroment is fairly basic, you have to admire how well the game runs on modest hardware. Unfortunately, their latest project, Just Cause 3 appears to suffer from poor optimization and hefty system requirements. Granted, the game runs quite well on certain hardware, but there is a lot of reports from angry customers considering a refund. Furthermore, according to NVIDIA’s Andrew Burnes, Just Cause 3’s engine is not compatible with any multi GPU configurations and said:

“The engine is incompatible with all multi-GPU solutions, so no SLI support at this time.”

This is bizarre as Mad Max supported SLI-powered systems and scaled multiple cards in an impressive manner. Clearly, Just Cause 3 is using a completely different engine and can only enable multi-GPU support through a patch. Although, this involves modifying the game engine and I cannot realistically see this being implemented anytime soon. Just Cause 3 is the latest example of terrible multi-GPU support in triple-A games and I honestly wouldn’t recommend dual GPU setups for this reason alone. Publishers see this is a very niche market and don’t want to invest the time to support such a small sector of players. That’s no excuse though and I’d be very wary of purchasing an SLI or Crossfire setup if you want to utilize both cards on launch.

Hopefully, DirectX 12 functionality will make dual GPU configurations a viable option, but the time being, it seems developers have no interest in catering to this demographic.