Jeremy Clarkson Finds Legal Loophole for New Car Show

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Is this really to do with tech? Possibly, as this is a presenter who worked on a show that brought you a pickup truck attempting to drive through the English Channel, building your very own vehicle in the case of a Kit car and nearly freezing to death while navigating themselves to the magnetic north pole in an adapted Toyota.

If you haven’t heard, Jeremy Clarkson has left Top Gear after allegedly lamping a producer over a Prawn Sandwich. It was thought that Clarkson, May and Hammond have a clause in their contract which states that they will be unable to work for any other UK competitive channel until at least 2017. But there might be a workaround after lawyers found that it could be possible to broadcast a car style show in the US, before selling the rights to the program back to for example ITV or Channel 4.

It’s like Geo Blocking within web content, if you are inside a country which restricts access then you cannot view a program, but if you are somewhere else, then technically you are not inside the same place where it was banned. This may also be interesting in the future if program makers decide to sell their shows to Internet TV sites for example Netflix. If a company sells a show, for example to BBC 2, but then sells the same show to Netflix which is an American company, and then allowing viewers to watch said program in the same place where rights have already been sold to a broadcaster, this could be a headache for normal TV channels if they paid for an exclusive and it’s not.

As tech has shifted, so has the wider issue of TV itself, will there be a BBC or ITV in the future if digital content is ubiquitous?

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4 Comments on Jeremy Clarkson Finds Legal Loophole for New Car Show

  • Avatar David says:

    He didn’t leave, he was fired and it wasn’t a prawn sandwich.

    • Avatar Dauve says:

      He was not fired, they just decided not to renew his contract. And yes you’re correct about the last part.

    • Avatar JonasTone says:

      He was offered a renewal of his contract after his suspension due to the “incident” where he punched the producer after being offered only cold food after a long few days of shooting.

      Or at least that is what i am able to gather from all the different sources that reported on this.

    • Avatar Zed Clampet says:

      You are so stupid.

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